IESCO Unit Price 2023, Bill Calculator for Tariff Rate

In growing IESCO Unit Price 2023, the impact of bill calculator increase for tariff rate calculation. There are different bundles of units on the bases of which whole bill decide by the Islamabad Electric Supply Company. Furthermore, users type also matter in it, like the rate for residential electrically unit cost less than the commercial or industrial. Apart from this, the agriculture tariff or unit price is differently determined because mostly govt gave them subsidy. Hence, customers has specific usage are charged accordingly.

IESCO Unit Price 2023:

For the secured connection holders, IESCO unit price is way less than the UN secured areas where the ratio of electricity theft is high. But, their usage limit is only till 200 units and few more terms are also implementing on them too.

  • A table for the residential users is:
Units Secured per Unit Price Un Secured per Unit Price
1 to 50 Units 3.95 Rupees
1 to 100 7.74 Rupees 16.48 Rupees
From 101 to 200 10.06 Rupees 22.95 Rupees
201 to 300 27.14 Rupees
301 to 400 32.03 Rupees
401 to 500 35.24 Rupees
501 to 600 36.66 Rupees
601 to 700 36.80 Rupees
More than 700 Units 42.72 Rupees

In case, if there is any uncertainty then take helps from:

IESCO Bill Calculator Online:

For the exact price of total used electricity, IESCO bill calculator is an online tool that works well. This will give result of any unit input that you spend or limit yourself till any figure. Again, because of sudden change is unit rate and taxes, this is also an approximation that may helpful for bill at any time.

IESCO Tariff Rate 2023 for Commercial Or Agriculture Usage:

As the agriculture and commercial IESCO Tariff Rate 2023 is expensive than the normal unit price. Though, the unit’s slabs are not part of it but the peak and off time matters a lot in the formation of total bill. So, better is to take care of time in using.

Commercial Load Below 5 KW 37.75 Rupees
For Load more than 5 KW 39.43 Rupees


  • Peak Time: 41.35 Rupees
  • Off Peak Time: 35.38 Rupees

Agriculture Tariff Rate by Iesco:

After giving favor to this field, agriculture electricity tariff rate by Iesco is reducing more.  In past, its more lower from this one but yet its bit in control.

Unit price of Agriculture Usage 24.10 Rupees
  • Note: It remain same in peak or other time.

calculation of bill well

Future prediction about IESCO unit price 2023 is difficult at the moment that’s why bill calculator for tariff rate possibly updates result every month. While, everyone also pray that some steps must took place to take control on it that it going up from the affordability of major population.

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