IESCO Bill Online Check 2023 Download Duplicate Copy

To collect a duplicate copy or only seen the history, IESCO bill online check 2023 is fully functioning now to inspect electricity usage. From more than one decade, Islamabad Electric Supply Company is serving such huge number of users majorly belongs to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Attock and many other surrounded districts as well. In case, if yours previous month bill is missed or face difficulty in getting the new original bill copy, then this IESCO online bill check service is work for you. With time, they add many of new option that makes it more worthy for the customers.

IESCO Bill Online Check September 2023:

Find out the ease of managing your September 2023 electricity bill with IESCO bill online check because this is the formal procedure. Also compare the previous usage without keeping so many copies of old bill with the new one. Simplify you get a better control on the current electricity expenses.

IESCO Duplicate Bill Download Online:

In order to download the IESCO duplicate bill online, the registration is must that is easy to do. These short points are also assisting you in this matter. After saving a copy, the print selection is enough to take the iesco bill print. This is useable for any necessity.

Registering for IESCO Online Bill Service: To initiate the process, go to the official IESCO website ( There you can create an online account through the “Register” or “Sign Up” button. Only click on it and start this straightforward process.

Provide the Details: First, give all of yours essential particulars, including your complete name, contact, and a credible email address. Furthermore, create an exceedingly tough password to guarantee utmost safeguarding for your account.

Verify Your Account: Upon completing the submission of your information, kindly open your email inbox for a verification hyperlink. By selecting the provided link, your account will undergo successful validation and activation.

Log in to Your Account: And then return to the IESCO website and log in using your newly created credentials and download the IESCO duplicate bill copy. Or fill the boxes here.


  • Only necessary data that require to enter for registration is:

IESCO Online Bill Check by Reference Number:

Amongst the methods of easily accessing your IESCO online bill, check it with the reference number which is particularly favored by users. Once on the IESCO website, look for the “Bill Online Check” section. It is usually prominently displayed on the homepage. Please select the selection to progress to the next step.

Enter Your Reference No

In this step, you should to enter your exclusive iesco reference number. This number can be found on your physical electricity bill. Also ensure precise and error free typing to alleviate any concerns.

Click on “Submit” or “Check Bill

After inputting the iesco bill reference number, keep on to select the “Submit” or “Check Bill” option. The system will process your request and retrieve your bill details from the database.

View the Bill

Now the system retrieves your bill information, it will be displayed on the screen. Take the time to carefully review the details, such as the billing period, total amount due, due date, and any additional charges, if applicable.

Print or Download Your Bill

If you wish to keep a physical copy for your records, you can print the bill directly from the website. Alternatively, you can download the bill in PDF format and save it on your device.

Wapda IESCO Bill Online Check by Customer Id

An alternate of upper technique is IESCO bill online check by customer ID which is also trouble free and firsthand experiences to guarantee a smooth and efficient bill checking.

  • All initial steps are same as guided in upper text.
  • The difference starts with the different options for bill verification.
  • Choose the “Customer ID” option for it with checking your bill using your unique customer ID.
  • Enter the unique customer identifier into the designated search field, which can be easily retrieved from your electricity bill.
  • After submission of request, system will fetch the bill copy in no time.
  • Finally you gain the print or download the bill in PDF format, allowing you to preserve it on your device too.

The Advantages of IESCO Online Bill Check by Customer ID

With the online bill checking system, you can access your bill details from the comfort of your home or office, eliminating the need to visit physical locations.

  • The process of checking your bill online using your customer ID is quick and efficient.
  • To use this method saves you valuable time.
  • The online system allows you to access your billing history, providing valuable detail into your electricity consumption patterns over time.

By selecting for online bill checking, you also contribute well to environmental conservation by reducing paper usage and promoting sustainable practices. Other good aspect is that it does equally serve the users from every big or small city that came under them.

Area Under IESCO Islamabad:

Six major circles came under the iesco and they are further split into divisions. Moreover, the related division is responsible of any update or work from their area.

Islamabad Circle Divisions Attock Circle Divisions City Circle Rawalpindi Divisions Jhelum Circle Divisions
Islamabad 1 Taxila City Jhelum 1
Islamabad 2 Pindigheb Satellite Town Jhelum 2
Barakahu Division Attock Westridge Gujar Khan

Next are:

Chakwal Circle Divisions Cantt Circle Rawalpindi Divisions
Chakwal Cantt Division (Rawalpindi)
Talagang Tariqabad
Dhudial Rawat
Pind Dadan Khan Mandra

Electricity Bill Online Check IESCO By CNIC

The opportunity to check the duplicate or IESCO electricty online bill by only using the CNIC number will may come in future. The company has implemented a specific process to access the duplicate or online bill and for this iesco reference no or customer id are the key factor.

IESCO Online Bill Check By Name

Despite of online rumors, this option is also unavailable. You won’t be able to check your duplicate bill using the consumer’s name or address. So, only go for that method that is instructed by the officials.

IESCO Contact Number

If customers think that support from online resource is responding late then the contact number by IESCO Islamabad or other region is fruitful to report the issue or for assistance. There is a dedicated team who tried to respond and address almost every query that customer face related to IESCO service. And this is undoubtedly a best portion of their efforts that the done from long time.

IESCO Contact Number 051 (9252937) or second is 111 390 390
  • Imp Questions Related to IESCO Bill:

How do I access my IESCO bill online?

Only simple way is to log in to your IESCO account and then move to the appropriate bill checking section. Enter the mandatory info, and your bill will appear within a while.

Can I view past Iesco bills online?

Yes, you can take the past IESCO bill through a specific platform that is enough to review your past bills online to keep the record.

Is IESCO online bill checking available 24/7?

For instant replay and to reduce the burden, IESCO Online Bill checking service is working for 24 hours. The only need is a net connection and your bill is get able anytime, anywhere.

Can I check iesco bill by address?

Hopefully, company will decide to add the way to check bill by address but at current moment, sorry. You can only done this job vis reference or customer id.

What are the iesco peak hours?

Starting from the 7:00 pm in night to till 1 hour before the mid night 11:00 pm, there is Iesco peak hours. Its better to reduce the electricity usage to take control on iesco tariff in the peak duration. With this, Islamabad Electric Supply Company requested to the respected customers to minimize their usage because this is high burden time.

for the bill purpose

In the present electricity bills, importance of IESCO Bill Online Check has also been enhanced in 2023 to download duplicate copy or note the past history. A positive side of having this wapda service is its leniency. All of the improvements are witness of the iesco team hard work and possibly they will improve it to the next level.