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What is IESCO Bill?

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company that is supplies electricity mainly in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, but it also covers six more districts that range from Jhelum to Attock. IESCO fulfills the needs of approximately 25 million people. Around 2.8 million consumers are being served daily by Islamabad Electricity Supply Company.

It was formed in1988 under the Wapda act. Later on, govt. Make new decisions of responsibility delegation from federal to provincial govt. Heer was the time when IESCO came in to being.

IESCO Coverage

IESCO has a vast coverage network. It ranges from Indus River to Neelum River (Kashmir) and from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, and Jhelum. This large and diversified network of IESCO supply sometimes creates problems for users in receiving the hard copy of bills in time. Sometimes they got misplaced and lost too. That is why IESCO has introduced an online bill checking facility.

If you are living in these areas and facing electricity problems, then you can contact your nearest IESCO office for resolution.

IESCO Online Bill

Now checking and getting a duplicate copy of the IESCO bill online is more accessible from our website. It is a super-fast loading site that will produce your duplicate statements right away. That is why it is the best duplicate online bill checking site.

The statistics show that more users are happy with IESCO online bill service because they are free to check any time and print the duplicate online bill that is acceptable at any billing submitting agent.

IESCO Bill Calculator

IESCO bill calculation is sometimes frustrating for people. Because it includes a lot of taxes that may exceed the bill amount. Therefore, we bring the Tariff Guide for you that will make you understand better about the IESCO bill.

Just visit the section and see the page carefully. Make sure that you are reading the relevant guides. If you are IESCO commercial user, then see the business rates, and if you are an IESCO domestic user, then follow the local prices.

How to Find IESCO Bill Reference Number?

Finding the IESCO reference number for online bill generation is not difficult. This number doesn’t change. You have to check your previous iesco bill copy, and on its left side, you will find a heading of the Reference Number, and under that heading, you will find your assigned number.

On the main page of this site, you can also see the sample bill picture and find out the reference number. Although I erased it, you will find your number there.

Can we get IESCO Duplicate Bill?

It is unbelievable that you are still confused about getting the IESCO duplicate bill. See the whole process of the IESCO Online Bill. Anyhow I am going to make some points that will be easier for you to understand

  • Go to the main page
  • Click on the RED button, and a new page will appear
  • Put your unique Reference number and press enter button. The reference number will appear on the left side of your bill. For example, (xxxxxxxxxxxx) in the display picture.

IESCO Contact Details

IESCO head office is in Islamabad. See the address below:

IESCO Office Timings

Iesco working hours for the entire week are:-

  • Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM)
  • Juma Prayer Break for 2 hours
  • Sunday is a holiday.

How to Pay IESCO Bill Online?

Nowadays, there are a lot of smart online channels that are providing online bill payment facilities like UBL, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni, etc.

In other words, you will have to go physically to deposit amount at any commercial bank, post office, etc.

How to reduce the IESCO Bill?

Now we are going to share some tips after that you consume less electricity resulting in less bill amount.

  • Less use of AC units.
  • Give proper gaps in AC timings. Similarly, adjust the AC timers. Use AC for 2 hours and give it a rest for 2 hours.
  • In addition, use AC at 26 degrees.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of AC. For instance, use fans and room coolers.
  • Similarly, avoid heavy electricity consumption during peak hours. The charges will be more than standard electricity rates. See Peak rates in Tariff Guide.
  • Keep the billing cycle in mind and track your units consumed. After using 100 units, the next tier will be more expensive.
  • Above all, keep an eye on govt. Rates announcement and revision because it keeps on changing. So take the steps as mentioned to reduce your financial burden.


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